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HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund

Friday November 21, 2008

HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund works in service of the health and community services sector, providing a superannuation fund focused on great performance and competitive fees. In its recent history, the HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund has performed reasonably well in its Core Pool balanced investment option. While the last year to 30 June 2008 ended in a loss of 5.4%, the 3 year return was 8%, with a 5 year return of 10.5%.

Industry superannuation funds can charge lower fees than commercial funds due to a focus on members rather than investors. While other types of superannuation funds may offer even lower fees depending on your account balance, an industry superannuation fund can provide a good balance between fees and the amount of effort you must put in to managing your superannuation fund.

Fees are a vital concern of HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund, as keeping them low is one of the easiest ways for people to save more in their superannuation fund. It is also necessary for HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund to keep fees as low as possible in order to compete with what a self managed superannuation fund can offer.

Some of the fees that HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund charges include:

  • No entry or exit fees and no charge for switching investment choices
  • A management fee that varies with performance
  • $52 administration fee per year
  • 0.07% p.a. Trustee operating fee that is applied to investment earnings before interest rates are declared
  • Some other fees apply depending on your specific superannuation fund activity and the fees that HESTA Industry Superannuation fund charges are subject to change

When choosing a superannuation fund, it is important to have realistic expectations of fees and growth for your fund. Consider options such as HESTA Industry Superannuation Fund in concert with other funds and other types of superannuation funds such as ESUPERFUND for your superannuation fund needs.

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