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Sunsuper Superannuation Fund

Wednesday October 22, 2008

Sunsuper is one of the largest industry superannuation fund operations in Australia, but kind of superannuation fund does Sunsuper offer?

Sunsuper superannuation fund fees

With no establishment fee, no contribution fee and no termination fee, Sunsuper industry superannuation fund is on par with many other superannuation funds, though the management costs for the default Sunsuper Balanced investment option are fairly reasonable. Each member pays a $1 per week membership as well as an administration fee each year of 0.05% of their account balance. An estimated investment base fee of 0.55% p.a. is also charged to those using the Sunsuper Balanced investment option for all of their superannuation fund money, with a further estimated investment performance fee of between 0% and 0.24% p.a. on the account balance, depending on performance of Sunsuper.

Sunsuper average returns

Sunsuper industry superannuation fund has a Balanced investment strategy that is focused on reasonable growth over time. For the periods ending on 30 June this year, the investment returns Sunsuper has had for the past turbulent year have been -5.1% which is competitive with many other superannuation funds, 7.8% averaged over the past 3 years, and 10.2% averaged over the past 5 years. Other basic investment strategies at Sunsuper have different levels of growth, and you may choose more advanced investment strategies if you desire.

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